Viva Box is a company that exclusively works in the manufacture of cardboard boxes for ice cream and açaí cream, since 2007 it serves the whole national territory, always seeking  continuous improvement in products and service.



To constantly strive for the improvement in the manufacture of our Ice Cream and Açaí boxes, products and services.


Be a world leader in the production of boxes for ice cream and acai cream, recognised for the quality of our.


- Attitude - Decision-making - Observe, analyse and act.

- Respect - Treat everyone with courtesy and consideration.

 - Empathy - Emotional ability to put yourself in the other's shoes..

- Commitment - Act to accomplish what you set out to do with responsibility.

- Valuing People - Creating a positive and safe environment for individual development and recognising their key.


Rua Sebastião Lázaro de Souza, 128 - Paiçandu - PR
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